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Chinese Parent Network - Understanding Teen Internet Use


在此,我们再次邀请各位家长参加我们第二次会议。时间是3月4号星期三晚上6.30 到8.00。地点还是在学校的Learning Space。

这次我们邀请到Chatswood 中学的学生心理辅导员Ms Zheng。她要演讲的主题是:理解青少年使用网络的问题。演讲会后,家长将有机会就学校事务或澳大利亚生活等议题互相交流或询问。我们将为各位家长准备一些茶点。如果您带幼龄小孩一起参加,也没有问题。

如果各位华人家长有兴趣参加我们这次的聚会,请和Chatswood中学外语系系主任吕崇伟 (Wei Leu)老师直接报名登记。
电话:(02) 94193611,分机号码是114

English Translation:

Due to popular demand, the CHS P&C Association has established an additional arm of the Parents Network specifically for parents of Chinese background. The first meeting was held in November last year and many parents participated in that meeting.
The P&C would like to invite all Chinese speaking parents for our informal gathering on Wednesday 4th March from 6.30 - 8pm in the CHS Learning Space.
Our guest speaker for this meeting will be Ms Yun Zheng, who is the school counsellor at Chatswood High School. The topic that Ms Zheng will present is "Understanding Teen Internet Use", which we believe most Chinese parents are very concerned about. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to socialize and to ask questions relating to CHS and life in Australia.
Refreshments will be provided and children are welcome.
If you would like to attend the meeting, please register with Mr Wei Leu, Head Teacher, LOTE. His contact information is:
Tel: (02) 94193611 Ext. 114