Parent Network

Why Join the Parent Network

Has your child misplaced an assignment sheet (again)?

Unsure about when exams or the next mufti day are being held? Maybe other parents will have the information you need! Signing up to the Parent Network allows you to exchange useful information via email and to learn more about Chatswood High School. The email list also keeps you up to date about occasional social events with other school parents and families – a pleasant way of meeting your child's mysterious high school friends, or their parents. So if you've got questions, concerns or even just want to share some information with other parents of children in your child's year, then join the email list – all we need is your name, your child's name and class and a contact email.

Join the contact list by filling in your details.

The email list is just for your child's year and information on the contact lists is kept confidential. The list is distributed to parents only on the condition it's used for school related purposes.

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