Building projects

Shade Sails in the Quad

Quad Shade SailsThe P&C was able to secure a Community Building Partnerships grant for $31,104 to begin an upgrade of the facilities in the quadrangle early in 2016. Shade was the first consideration after existing trees were removed for safety and accessibility.

Quad Shade Sails Assembly The shade sails have now been erected using the grant money and the resulting shade is being put to good use during lunch and recess, and also during the school assemblies which are held in the quad.

The P&C will also pay at least $32,000 for

  • advanced trees for more shade
  • outdoor furniture
  • painting for handball and badminton courts

The building committee of the P&C will continue to apply for grants and use parent contributions to the tax deductible building fund to improve the physical environment at the school. The next item on the list is looking at ventilation and air-conditioning for the school hall.

If you are interested in joining the building committee they would be glad for more assistance - please email  for more information.