Building projects

Joint Funding from DEC for Hall Project

We have received our joint funding from the DEC for our new open space facility attached to the hall. It will be fantastic to have this available for music storage, dance, drama and music lessons during the day and room for rehearsals before and after school. It will be fantastic for the other faculties to have better access to the hall especially the PDHPE faculty once we have a dedicated performance practice rehearsal space for the creative arts. This will make the hall more accessible, extremely important in a high school which does not have a gymnasium available for PE!

The breakdown is as follows $70 000 from the community building partnership, $115 000 from the DEC and $110 000 from the P&C. This will give us $295 000. The most recent plans were reviewed with Gavin Staines and Den Milenkovic's input. We have to have the project complete by December 2013 so my hope is that we will beginning ASAP so that it will be a facility ready to be used next year.

Thank you to the many parents who have been involved with this project for the past 4 years, we have had to be very patient but it has paid off for us! A big thank you also to the many parents before the current P&C parent body who actually started the building fund in the hope that we would be able to make a project like this happen!