Building projects

Pilot Locker Scheme for year 7 in 2011

lockers 2The P&C launched a pilot locker scheme in response to longstanding concerns being expressed, particularly by parents new to the school, about younger students having to carry large loads of books around throughout the day. The total budget for the pilot scheme was set at $5000.

Quotes were sought from four suppliers and in February 2011, after a short delivery interruption incurred by the Queensland floods, FSP Australia PTY Ltd delivered 32 lockers and key padlocks at a cost of $3,944.

The ongoing building works in progress at the school delayed the installation of the lockers until just after the start of term 2. The lockers are located near the bottom of the stairwell on the floor below the library. Payments and paperwork were processed for 30 of the 32 available lockers in early May. The individual tariff for the hire of each locker being a pro rata payment of the total annual cost for hire $71.50 (which includes a refundable key deposit of $16.50).

lockers 1




The P&C Building Committee distributed feedback surveys to those 30 students and their parents in order to evaluate the pilot locker scheme. They will report back to the P&C, and if appropriate propose a motion to expand the scheme to offer lockers to a wider proportion of year 7 students and/or students in other years with special needs.


 As part of the 2012 Strategic Plan, the P&C decided to purchase more lockers.