Building projects

School Hall Extension

It is proposed to fund the development of 200m2 multi-function extension to the current School Hall.

As one of our more recent developments, the School Hall is a building that is unlikely to be affected by the current DET program of major building work underway on the Chatswood High School (CHS) site. Unfortunately, the Hall is already being outgrown: assemblies can no longer include the entire school population; exam tables and musical instruments are stored in the Hall; there is very limited rehearsal or preparation area available for performances.

This project will deliver a new space accessible directly from the Western door of the Hall, towards the current IEC, or from the Southern door, across the current administration block car park. This space would provide convenient and secure storage for instruments, tables and other items. The space would also provide practice or break-out rooms and a large student study area, facilities that will not be provided as part of the proposed DET work for the CHS site.

All students, teachers and other members of the school community who use the Hall will benefit from the extension. In particular, it is anticipated that the music program will benefit from the improved access to instrument storage and practice rooms. The study area can be used by senior students to encourage independent and group learning.

Reviews Undertaken

Review of existing facilities, including ventilation and storage was undertaken. Issues were identified with difficulties accessing the current storage area located under the stage. This meant that equipment and furniture was left in the hall rather than being placed in the storage area.

There is currently no air-conditioning in the hall. This means that the temperature in the hall can be an issue during exams or during presentations in the hall.

Hydraulic Lift

The Hydraulic lift is a scissors lift and it looks very similar to the type of lifts made by a company called Tieman that sit on the back of trucks.

The issue we have at Chatswood is whether to excavate a pit so that the lift sits flat when it is in the retracted position or whether there can be an incline.

The difference in price is approximately $180 000. The incline is no more than 20 cm's. Photos have been taken and as soon as the P&C makes a decision we can go ahead and quote.

Air Conditioning

In order to air condition the existing hall this require five 16 kW split system air conditioning units. Alternatively a larger ducted roof top unit may be provided. Depending on the final type of system selected the cost will be in the range of $60,000 to $80,000.

Plans and Ideas generated from Eastern Nomad

A meeting took place with Eastern Nomad, to discuss the plans which Eastern Nomad had provided for the hall extension.

(Refer to Plans in Appendix A)


  • Tree Removal – One of the options for the multi-function Hall extension would require removal of some trees between the Hall and the IEC, resulting in some environmental consideration, perhaps including planting other trees elsewhere in the school grounds.
  • Administration Car Park – Another option might impact the use of the existing administration car park and needs to be considered in the context of uncertain DET plans to demolish the administration building at some point in the future.
  • Demolition of the existing administration building is an issue, as the Department of Education and Training are reluctant to pay for the removal of the administration building.
  • The total cost of the proposal, is dependent on changes to plans and costs associated with the issues noted above. The total cost will be in excess of $350,000. The Building Committee and P & C combined funds would be around $100 000. The P & C needs to decide whether they wish to commit to this project as a long term (2 to 3 year) fundraising project.


  • P&C members are to review the report presented. If additional information is required please contact Brooke Keevers the convener of the Building Committee.
  • P&C members to discuss this Report at next P&C meeting and decide upon the future direction that the P&C wishes to take with this project.
  • If this project is to be adopted, then it needs to become the focus of the P&C direction and energy for the next 2 years, through a combination of corporate, school and community fundraising.