Completed Projects

Completed Projects

Acoustic Door for Hall Annex

In April 2015, the P&C contributed $12,560 for the supply and installation of an acoustic door for the hall annex. The door will block sound travelling between the 2 spaces so that both hall and annex can be used concurrently without having concerns for sound. 


Acoustic door 1Acoustic door 2

Shade Sails in the Quad

Quad Shade SailsThe P&C was able to secure a Community Building Partnerships grant for $31,104 to begin an upgrade of the facilities in the quadrangle early in 2016. Shade was the first consideration after existing trees were removed for safety and accessibility.

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Hall Ventilation Project

The P&C has made some preliminary steps to see what can be done to ventilate, heat and cool the school hall. As this project would be a significant cost, the NSW Department of Education must become involved.

This project has been cancelled due to the department's proposal to rebuild the school.

Outdoor Learning Space - Work Completion

The work on the Outdoor Learning Space was completed in December 2014, with contributions of $69,274 from P&C.

Students are enjoying using the beautifully landscaped seating area overlooking the oval. The area can also be used as additional teaching space and a comfortable retreat from the summer heat and rain.



K block 3 ols before


ols 2ols 3ols 1

Quadrangle Upgrade

In June 2015, P&C engaged NBRS Partners to draw up concept plans for an upgrade to the Quadrangle area. The plans include shade sails, new garden beds with trees, artificial turf, painted concrete, handball courts and new furniture.

Two options are presented.

  • Option 1 is for the future if and when the former admin block is demolished.
  • Option 2 refers to the current Quadrangle. The aim is for these plans to develop further and be implemented in stages. School staff and students (SRC and prefects) have provided valuable input.

If you would like to comment on the plans, please send to : .

The Quadrangle Upgrade Master plan was developed for a NSW Community Building Partnership grant application submitted by the P&C in early August 2015. The Stage 1 plan outlines the area to be landscaped if P&C are successful in the grant application. P&C need to contribute $49,000 towards stage 1.

At the meeting on Aug 11th 2015, P&C approved $38,000 to be allocated for the installation of shade sails.

As funds become available and are approved, it is hoped that the facilities and appearance of this area will be improved to enhance the learning and recreation environment for students at Chatswood High School.

A P&C building fund contribution is included in your statement of account issued by the school. Donations over $10 are tax deductible.

Outdoor Learning Space

K block 2

An outdoor learning space will be created underneath the K block. The site has been visited and the P&C are now assessing the viability of this project. This project involves paving or concreting of this area, terracing and adding seating for students to relax. Steps will be built into the side of the hill down to the basketball courts so this will become another way for the sports facilities to be accessed.

K block 3Basketball court 2

Sporting facilities are an issue for the school especially in wet weather as often Physical activities are unable to take place as there is inadequate space.

The P&C has committed the trivia night fundraising funds to this project or the hall learning space if we receive the community grant application lodged in 2011.

K block 1

The steps involved with this process are:

  1. Plans are being created for the site works and costings are being prepared.
  2. Costing for a COLA over the basketball courts has also been sought.
  3. Developing a funding model to finance the refurbishment
  4. Partnership with the DEC and or Willoughby City Council and the P&C
  5. Applying for a government grant through the Sport and Recreation or Community Partnership grants

If you would like to help with this process, please contact the president.

Oval Redevelopment Proposal

Willoughby Council has initiated the refurbishment of CHS oval and adjacent sports facilities. This project involves the resurfacing of the oval with synthetic grass and the installation of an hydraulic cricket pitch. The surrounding space of the oval will be developed to accommodate 3 basketball/ netball courts, 2 volleyball/ handball courts changing rooms and cricket nets.

This project will be funded by Willoughby Council, the DEC, and CHS. 

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