Student Welfare

High Resolves

HighResolvesLogoThe P&C has committed funds to run the High Resolves program within Chatswood High School.

The objective of the program is to motivate high school students to view themselves as purposeful global citizens and to acquire the mindsets and skills they will need to lead their communities, and the world, to a brighter future.

The program provides students the opportunity to develop a range of social and leadership skills that will equip them to better manage themselves and lead other people. Some of the core skills expected to be developed from this program include

  • Conflict resolution and negotiation - how to handle difficult situations
  • Collective action - how to influence groups of people
  • Project management - how to effectively and efficiently drive positive change
  • Public speaking - how to present to groups of people
  • Team dynamics - how to work effectively in a team

Year 8

In 2011, the High Resolves program  was introduced to all students in year 8. The Global Citizenship Program involves participation in two full day sessions covering the concepts of

  • Collective Identity - the students develop skills that allow them to recognise, critically evaluate and challenge divisive messages, and explore what it means to be a global citizen.
  • Justice - the students develop skills that allow them to analyse social situations without bias of self-interest, apply principles of fairness to unjust situations and establish processes that will lead to justice.

Year 9

The Global Leadership Program will be made available to interested students in year 9. Two full day sessions and one half day module cover the concepts of

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Collective Action
  • Project Leadership

In addition, students are involved in a School Action Project to drive some form of improvement within their school environment.


Year 10

Students participate in a half day Advanced Project Leadership module, and a Community Action Project to drive some change in the wider community. Year 10 leaders also assist facilitating the Year 8 Global Citizenship Program.


Christine Smith came to the June 2012 P&C Meeting to report on this program. She thanked the P&C for its support of this valuable program. Click here to see a summary.


Find out more about the program at the High Resolves website.