Student Welfare

Sentral - a Student Welfare and Attendance System

The P&C is funding the purchase of a web based integrated welfare system to track and profile students to a cost of $43500. This program will allow the staff to link attendance, timetables, reports, commendations, disciplinary issues and medical alerts. The attendance module is a web based module and as such teachers can mark the rolls electronically and send the data back to the database in the central system. Each student appears on the laptop/ipad equivalent, which will significantly tighten up the monitoring of student whereabouts. Unauthorised absenteeism will be dealt with quickly and parents contacted when students are not where they should be.


Update from Justin Hong at the June 2012 P&C Meeting:

Student attendance is entered into the Sentral system by teaching staff both at roll call and during class lessons. Most teachers use an iPad to do this, which is a huge improvement on the old paper based system. 30 iPads have been purchased for use by the teaching staff for roll taking and to help enhance the teaching and learning experience. The accuracy of the rolls has improved dramatically since the introduction of the Sentral system, and the staff are very appreciative and thankful to the P&C for the new system.

An SMS is sent to the parent if a student is not at roll call. In future the intention is to send messages to parents when a student misses a class lesson. The Sentral system can also be used to indicate when students are out of school uniform. A policy on uniform is currently being developed.