Income and Spending

Income and Spending

In June 2015, P&C engaged NBRS Partners to draw up concept plans for an upgrade to the Quadrangle area. The plans include shade sails, new garden beds with trees, artificial turf, painted concrete, handball courts and new furniture.

Two options are presented.

  • Option 1 is for the future if and when the former admin block is demolished.
  • Option 2 refers to the current Quadrangle. The aim is for these plans to develop further and be implemented in stages. School staff and students (SRC and prefects) have provided valuable input.

If you would like to comment on the plans, please send to : .

The Quadrangle Upgrade Master plan was developed for a NSW Community Building Partnership grant application submitted by the P&C in early August 2015. The Stage 1 plan outlines the area to be landscaped if P&C are successful in the grant application. P&C need to contribute $49,000 towards stage 1.

At the meeting on Aug 11th 2015, P&C approved $38,000 to be allocated for the installation of shade sails.

As funds become available and are approved, it is hoped that the facilities and appearance of this area will be improved to enhance the learning and recreation environment for students at Chatswood High School.

A P&C building fund contribution is included in your statement of account issued by the school. Donations over $10 are tax deductible.