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The Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) of Chatswood High School brings parents, staff and other members of the community together, to advance the best interests of the school and its students. The P&C plays an important role in supporting the school through parent volunteer Sub-Committees which support the programmes and activities that the School is involved with. All parents are invited to participate in the activities of the P&C.

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Next P&C Meeting

The next General P&C Meeting will be held on Tuesday 18 June in the Learning Space, commencing at 7:30pm. All parents and teachers are invited to attend. Any agenda items should be emailed to the secretary

A membership fee of $2 invokes voting privileges at the next general meeting and is valid until the close of the next AGM.

See meeting minutes for information on past P&C meetings.

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Last updated 21 May 2019

Does jealousy equal love? One in five young people say yes

The Sydney Morning Herald

Miki Perkins

Published: February 27 2017 - 12:42AM

The sex ed Callum Jones got at high school was largely biological, the 21-year-old says.

How contraception works. Tick. Startling pictures of sexually transmitted infections (and how to avoid them). Tick. What happens when sperm meets egg. Tick.

But he doesn't remember a conversation about the hallmarks of a healthy relationship, or consensual sex. And the classroom wasn't an easy place to ask questions. Who wants to seem stupid or vulnerable?

"It was more a science class than one teaching you about the expectations of behaviour in a relationship," he says.

Yet some of his peers needed it. Like the young man who insisted on knowing where his girlfriend was at all times during the day. Or the bloke who told his partner she couldn't go to parties, talk to other men or start talking.

One in five young people think jealousy is a sign that your partner loves you, according to a snapshot of 1000 young people and 500 parents undertaken by the national anti-violence initiative Our Watch.

And the same percentage think men should be the head of a household, the results show. The survey also finds:

  • Almost a third of young people think it's hard to be respectful of a woman who wears revealing clothing.
  • About 20 per cent believe that if a woman is drunk or affected by drugs she is partly responsible for unwanted sex.
  • One in 10 young people think physical violence can be excused if intoxication is involved.

Why does this matter? Evidence shows that people who rigidly adhere to stereotypical gender roles are more likely to support or condone violence against women, says Our Watch head Mary Barry.

"Attitudes like these are worrying because more often than not, jealousy stems from insecurity and possessiveness. Possessive and controlling behaviour is not healthy, it's abusive," Ms Barry says.

Our Watch did the same research a year earlier, and will use the waves of data as a way of taking the pulse of young people's attitudes to relationships.

The most recent data shows any shifts in outlook have been incremental, but long-term surveys over the past decade show attitudes are slowly improving.

Even in a year there have been some positive changes: only 30 per cent of young people think most women could leave a violent relationship if they wanted to, compared with more than 40 per cent a year ago.

And, happily, the data shows that most young people don't equate jealousy with love, or think the clothes a person wears is relevant to their sexual activity.

It wasn't until Callum did a first-year gender studies class at Melbourne University that he became aware of the links between gender inequality and family violence, and considered how expectations of masculinity or femininity can affect a relationship.

"It became apparent I'd really been under-equipped in terms of my sex education," he says.

In 2017 the Victorian school system will introduce mandatory "respectful relationship" education into the curriculum, which advocates hope will broaden sex education beyond the biological.

You can follow Miki Perkins on Facebook or Twitter.

This story was found at: http://www.smh.com.au/national/does-jealousy-equal-love-one-in-five-young-people-say-yes-20170226-gulkem.html

Information for Parents

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    Opening Hours

    Thursdays from 8am - 11:15am.

    Some Tuesdays from 8am - 11:15am, during busy times.

    For more information and special opening days, see the Uniform Shop page.

    Order online at shop.chspandc.org.au.

    Blazer Fitting

    Blazer Fitting Days are generally held in weeks 4 and 5 of each term. Blazers are made to measure - please check the calendar for fitting days.

    The uniform shop sells second hand blazers on consignment. These blazers can be tried on during shop hours and purchased immediately.


    School Uniform  

    The school expects every student to be wearing the school uniform each day.


    Second Hand

    The uniform shop accepts donations of second hand uniform for re-sale. These items are not available for sale during busy periods.


    Music Uniform

    The uniform shop sells the music uniform worn by participants in the music program.


    Volunteers Wanted

    Volunteering in the uniform shop is a great way to get to know the school and community. You will get to know our group of friendly and dedicated volunteers. It is not all work as we get together twice a year for social events, usually to try out multi cultural food and cuisine that the volunteers made from home. You may take a look at "What we do" at the uniform shop events. Come in and we'd love you to join our big uniform shop family.

  • What is the Parent Network?

    The parent network co-ordinators for each year group maintain a list of contact details of all interested parents in their year group. This list is circulated to those on the list, enabling parents to be able to contact other parents in their child's year.


    The parent network co-ordinators may organise social events during the year, send information emails, and ask for help at certain school functions.


    How do I join?

    Fill in your details or email your network co-ordinator or fill in a hardcopy form that is available at the school office.

  • Would you like to get more involved but not sure where you fit?

    The P&C has a variety of functions and there are many opportunities to get involved: view the list of roles within the P&C.

    For further information about any of these roles, please contact the President  or the Secretary .


    Uniform Shop Volunteers

    Volunteer in the uniform shop on a regular basis.

    Please note that a Working With Children Check (WWCC) is required for all volunteers. See more on our info sheet.

    Apply online for your WWCC - its free and can be used for other organisations that require it from you.


    Committee Members

    Come along to the general P&C meeting - there are 2 meetings each term on either a Tuesday or Thursday night.

    Join one of the P&C committees - uniform, fundraising, building - and have a say in how things are run.


    Parent Representative on Teacher Interview Panel

    Would you like to represent the parent body on teacher interview panels as required? There is a small amount of training to do first.

  • The P&C supports the school with specific projects and events where the school cannot afford the cost, but these projects can only go ahead if the P&C can afford it.


    Parent Contributions

    While funding is sought via grants and sponsorship for specific projects where appropriate, parents are asked to contribute to the P&C to enable these projects to continue. Suggested contribution amounts are:

    Building Fund (Tax Deductible): $150 per student

    General Fund: $90 per student


    Contributions can be made with your school fees.

  • The P&C has gathered resources from various speakers and these are available for parents - please see the Parent Resource page.

Building Fund Donations

$ 100000
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$ 41413
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Donations over $2 to the building fund are tax deductible. Contributions can be made with school fees.

General Fund Donations

$ 50000
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$ 33131
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Contributions can be made with school fees.

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