Funding for National and International Events

Student Funding for National/International Events

The P&C provides financial support to students selected to participate in activities at a national or international level. These activities are generally of a sporting or academic nature but other types of activities will also be considered. In order to be considered for such funding:

  • Students need to complete the application form.
  • They require the support of the Principal and there is a place on the form for the Principal's endorsement.
  • There is an expectation that the student will feedback to the P&C how they used the funds.
  • Students can apply once in their life at Chatswood High School, a further application may be considered if the student progresses to international representation.
  • Each application will be considered on its merit at a P&C Executive meeting. Students will be provided with constructive feedback and assistance if they need to re-submit their application.
  • If an external grant is available the student may be directed to that agency.
  • Financial support will be no more than $500 per student with a total pool of $5000 allocated per annum.