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World Teachers Day 2012


World Teachers Day 2012 CakeCelebrated in over 100 countries, World Teachers' Day acknowledges the efforts of teachers in an increasingly complex, multicultural and technological society. It is a day on which students, parents and community members can demonstrate their appreciation for the contributions that teachers have made to their community.

Internationally it is celebrated on 5 October, but in Australia it is celebrated on the last Friday in October.

On 26 October, the P&C with the help of some Year 10 parents, hosted a morning tea for our teachers to thank them for their contribution to our children's education.The teachers appreciated the thanks and enjoyed the sumptuous morning tea prepared by the school canteen.

World Teachers Day 2012-4World Teachers Day 2012-3

World Teachers Day 2012 Cake Cutting

Parents were encouraged to write messages to the teachers via the website before the event.

Read the messages submitted by parents of Chatswood High School students:

"Teachers have one of the most important roles in our community, educating,supporting and inspiring the next generation. We are very lucky to have such dedicated teachers here at CHS, who contribute so much energy, time and creativity to enhance the learning experience for our kids. Lets celebrate our teachers!"

 "Thank you for the great job you do everyday. The care and committment you all show is noticeable in the cheerful attitude and friendliness that the children at Chatswood High School display. Our children are lucky to be part of a great public education system with fabulous teachers."

"Thank you for making the choice to become a teacher. Your job makes a difference to the lives of students each day. It is important to inspire students to want to become the teachers of the future."

"Thank you for a great job done by you to create a loving, respectable and educated future generation for the society."

“Those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living well.”
― Aristotle

For the Chatswood High teachers - let's remember these words:
“I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well”
― Alexander the Great

"Teachers are the very important of the community, world had been relied on them for centuries n wish it will continue forever. Care n commitment of the teachers of CHS is great. Teachers are the people who guide students n help them build a great path in front of them.happy world teacher's day to all the teachers at CHS n whole world."World Teachers Day 2012 Thankyou

"My child comes home every day with new skills,large amounts of enthusiasm and a passion for learning. I am impressed at how the teachers always motivate and challenge the CHS students. Well done!"

"Thank you to all teachers of chatswood high. Children / students get inspiration, enthusiasm from what is taught at school and hence making a difference to so many life's. a very noble profession. Thank you again for moulding my son."

"I am very happy with the support given by the Teachers Assistants and Counsellors. Thank you for all your efforts."

"It is sad that when there is a problem we come and knock on your door but when you do a good job we often do not give you the praise, recognition or reward that you deserve. Nonetheless, you are valued and appreciated. Thank you!"

"Thank you for imparting your knowledge to our students. Thank you for your hard work and all the extra hours you put in (often unacknowledged)and lastly thank you for being such an inspiration to our students at CHS."

T is for truly terrific time management and tenacity in the face of teenage try-ons,World Teachers Day 2012-6
E ngaging our Young Ones in learning with energy, experience, expertise and enthusiasm.
A is the amazing, awesome, artistic, athletic, acrobatic and Auror-like skills demonstrated daily,
C elebrating constant commitment to cwality (sic).
H ighly intelligent, humourous, hard working, helpful,
E nriching lives earnestly in an excellent way,
R obust, resilient, resourceful, respectful, reflective and responsive,
S eeding skills for life and steering students to success.
We are proud of you and the work you do. It is wonderful that our children have the opportunity to benefit from such fine teachers. Our heart felt thanks to teachers at Chatswood High on World Teachers' Day.

To all the wonderful teachers at CHS. Thank you for your dedication, your professionalism, your friendliness and your encouragement. Most of all - thank you for becoming a teacher and choosing to work at Chatswood High School.

Heartfelt thanks to all teachers and staff for giving our Year 12 son a wonderful secondary education. The formal learning was excellent giving him a love of subjects which are shaping his tertiary choices. However, the milieu that CHS provides has given him great joy (though he would never express it!), wonderful role models and the foundations to be a good citizen. We THANK YOU!