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CHS Year 12 Celebration 2011

clip1On September 22nd parents and students gathered at CHS for a Celebration Night to mark the end of Year 12 2011's high school days. The evening was expertly organised by our year 12 parent network co-ordinators Ruth Cox and Gloria Quitian-Verdes, and a group of Year 12 parents.

Parent Network Coordinators


We were treated to canap├ęs in the learning centre where parents, teachers and students were able to reflect on what for many has been 6 years at CHS. We would like to thank Maureen Chaffey and the Year 11 parents and students who assisted the external caterers with serving the food, and the students who helped to decorate learning space.

teachersyr11 volunteers





The evening then progressed to the hall where parents clapped the students in. The focus of the evening was on Year 12 as a whole, rather than individual achievements. Mr Hong, Wendy Reato (Year 12 Year Advisor), and Rosemary Dillon (Year 12 parent representative) gave humorous and entertaining speeches. We would like to thank the students who provided AV support for this part of the proceedings.



 Year 12 students were individually presented with book clips bearing the CHS crest as a small memento of their time as part of the CHS community. The funding for this gift was kindly provided by CHS P&C and the P&C President Brooke Keevers helped to present the book clips.



The evening concluded with the release of a balloon banner, many photos were taken and balloons burst.