Jocelyn Brewer - Digital Nutrition - Monday 10 Feb 2020

Jocelyn Brewer Digital Nutrition

Understanding your teens & untangling them from technology:

Practical (and positive) strategies for parents


Jocelyn will be presenting at Chatswood High School on Monday 10 Feb 2020 from 5:30 in the school hall.

In this dynamic 60-minute seminar psychologist, Jocelyn Brewer, will help parents and carers understand aspects of teenage behaviour and development. She will also help understand their use of technology, app and video game design that prove to be so seductive (and perhaps even ‘addictive’) to young people and their still developing brains.

Her fear-free, practical approach will help parents build skills to communicate with their teens, implement boundaries and consequences for behaviours (both online and off) and assist young people to identify and manage their emotions, time and choices.

She will explore the ways young people use technology, some of the features of tech design that makes it so alluring and hard to put down, and the impacts on young people’s wellbeing.

Jocelyn will introduce her concept of Digital Nutrition™ as a positive framework for shaping healthy tech habits and a diverse digital diet, as well as how to apply the 3M’s (mindful, meaningful and moderate) to online activities.

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About Jocelyn:

Jocelyn is a Sydney-based psychologist with 16 years’ experience in public schools as both a teacher and counsellor.

She has been studying the impacts of technology use for a decade and is part of Australia's first formal cyber-psychology research group at the University of Sydney where is completing Masters research on the relationship between parenting styles and young people's smartphone habits.

Jocelyn created Digital Nutrition™ in 2013 as a positive framework for addressing digital wellbeing issues and preventing technology addictions.

Jocelyn will provide practical strategies for parenting in the digital age and answer any questions you might have about video games, social media and digital cultures.

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