Welcome to CHS 2018 - Barefoot Bowls and BBQ Family Fun

Are you coming to the "Welcome to CHS 2018 - Barefoot Bowls and BBQ Family Fun" evening organised by the CHS P&C?

Everyone is welcome, especially to all our new families who have joined CHS in 2018.

For Year 7 families - it's a great way to meet other parents & families from this year group.

Special guests include our Principal - David Osland, Deputy Principal - Evelyn Manson and Year 7 advisers- Barbara Corso and Julie Hurst.

When: Friday - 9 March, 2018 from 5.30 to 7.30/8pm

Where: Willoughby Park Bowling Club (Robert St. Willoughby)

Cost - it's free to come along (and yes you can bring your own food)

If you want to go bowling: Adults: $10 & students $5

BBQ: sausage sandwich $2 each

RSVP: Come & join the fun -

To assist catering needs, please RSVP to your P&C Year 7 parent network coordinator () or CHS P&C