Sleep - the secret ingredient for high performance - Monday 12 Feb

You’re invited to the first of our "Well-being" seminars for 2018 to hear how critical good sleep is to being top of your game. 

We all know sleep is important, but life in the 21st C is getting busier and busier. And time allocated to sleeping is often the first thing to be squeezed.

The CHS P&C are very pleased to present Dr Carmel Harrington, an internationally recognised expert in the field of sleep research, to speak to our Chatswood High community on the importance of sleep.

Parents and students are invited to come along and hear this crucial message.

When: Monday 12th February at 6pm
Where: School Hall

The night is held in conjunction with Year 7 "meet and greet" at 5pm & will be followed at 7pm by BYOD information session for year 7 & new students.

Dr Harrington has written two best-selling sleep books, The Sleep Diet and The Complete Guide to a Good Night's Sleep.

Did you know that:

  • 50-80% of adolescents (aged 15-18yrs) and 30% adults are chronically sleep deprived (sleep less than seven hours per night).
  • Did you know it is better to get 1 extra hour of sleep before an exam, than stay up and cram.
  • Did you know getting a good night’s sleep will improve your ability to score “3 pointers” in a basketball game
  • Research also suggests a lack of sleep is a causative factor in obesity.
  • It is crucial to physical and mental health, our ability to think and learn. It is vital for optimal exam performance.

Too little sleep and we will feel unmotivated, depressed or grumpy and we will not have the energy to meet the challenges of life.

Sleep is essential to our mental and physical well-being - so important in fact that it should be thought of as our third pillar of health. Along with food and exercise, good quality sleep enables us to be the best we can be.

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