Locker Co-ordinator needed

The P&C runs a locker hire service for students at Chatswood High School. 

Our current locker co-ordinator Krystyna is looking to transition the role to the next person and it would be useful to have someone at Orientation Day. 

The locker co-ordinator is an enjoyable role involving contact with the students, with support from the office staff and uniform shop. You can organize it to fit your schedule.

You need to be available for 3 -5 very full days at the school:

  • Orientation Day: early December. Setting up a locker hire desk; taking and checking names, payments and locker agreements; cashing up at end of day. (needs 2 people)
  • Padlock refund day: December, before end of term. Organise students to clear out locker, issue padlock refund, student to sign for refund; check padlocks all working; re allocate padlocks to new lockers. (needs 3 people)
  • Locker issue day (s): During 2nd and 3rd week of term 1. Arrange small groups of students to be instructed in padlock use and allocate locker. Only once has this been completed in a day. Usually it takes another 2 part days to get all 70 lockers allocated. (needs 2 people plus school runners to find students!)

In your own time you make lists of: email contact; spreadsheet for bookkeeper with names and monies paid; locker /padlock list; student/locker list; sign in and out list. All of these are formatted and ready to use. I have organized paperwork to suit myself, the P&C bookeeper and school office staff.

I am looking for a replacement now so you can get an idea of what is involved. I have had parent, John Phibbs, help me out each year, and he is happy to continue with his support next year. You will also need a working with children check which can be organized through the P&C.

Some of you may have rented a locker in year 7. It is really important that P&C continue to run this scheme on behalf of the school, as it does make a big difference to the students.

If you are able to take on this position please contact me at . You even get your own email address!!

Hope to hear from you soon.