Northern Sydney District Council (NSDC) of P&C Associations

The 2015 schedule for meetings of the Northern Sydney District Council (NSDC) of P&C Associations is as follows:

Term Meeting Date
1 Monday 30 March - AGM
2 Monday 25 May
3 Monday 31 August
4 Monday 30 November

Time: 7.15 pm for 7:45pm. Finish by 9.30 pm
Venue: Venues for the next NSDC meeting will be published in due course.

About the NSDC
NSDC is an alliance of P&C Associations covering a broad area of Northern Sydney generally north of the harbour and the Parramatta River. We network with other District Councils in NSW, and collaborate with other organisations with common interests. CHS P&C Assn is a member of the NSDC and the CHS P&C President is the designated delegate.

It is a completely independent body which does not receive financial support from the Government, the Department of Education or any other external body.

It is 100% volunteers; doesn't employ staff, and doesn't sell products or services such as insurance. Volunteer activities are protected by insurance for Public, Professional and Statutory Liability.

It is primarily focused on school matters, but also advocates for matters which may affect families in pre-school and post-school education and training.

It is strictly non-party political, but may get involved in lobbying politicians on matters to do with its mission – supporting the public education of our children. It also raises issues with government and other agencies, including the Department of Education. The combined strength of many P&Cs often works better than individual P&Cs with the same problem working in their own local school vacuums, where often their only source of advice is their own Principal.

The Minister's newly imposed P&C Federation Legislation and Constitution has characteristics that tend to isolate P&Cs from other P&Cs and the P&C Federation, in contrast with the extensive networking that other lobby groups such as the Principals Councils and the Teachers Federation enjoy with their integrated regional and central structures. As an example of organised political lobbying by school parent organisations, see the NSW Council of Catholic School Parents site: and the latest newsletter (28 March State Election article)

District Councils are provided for in the Education Act (section 115) but due to recent changes in the P&C Associations Incorporation Act, can no longer elect to be members of the NSW P&C Federation.

Membership of the NSDC is free and all P&Cs are very welcome to send delegates or any other of their members.