Lunar New Year Celebration 2015

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Chatswood High School P&C is organising a celebration of the Lunar New Year on Monday 23rd February 2015.

We are celebrating this exciting event at our school for the first time and we will be introducing a variety of multicultural food stalls, games and activity stalls and performances – there will be Lion dance and other multicultural dances and everyone is welcome attend.

This is a free event, all proceeds of the food sales will go towards funding various projects at our school that will benefit our children.

The organisers of this Lunar New Year Event are Wei Leu (Head Teacher, LOTE/ESL) and Sharine Lee (parent).

All parents are encouraged and welcome to contribute something to make this event happen. No matter how much or little time you have available to volunteer – your contribution will be greatly appreciated!

We are looking for volunteers or parents with special skills in a particular areas such as:

  • Dance Group: K-pop, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Australian etc...
  • Musical Instrument: Classical Chinese instruments such as Erhu (Violin), Suona (trumpet), Zheng (half-tube zither, harp), Pipa (pear-shaped lute) etc...
  • Calligraphy, Jianzi, Origami, Face painting etc..
  • Food Stall: Indian Food, Japanese Food, Chinese Food, Indonesian Food, Malaysia Food, Sri Lankan, Korean Food, Aussie BBQ, International Cake etc...
  • Graphic Designer (Posters and marketing)

For further information, please email Wei Leu (呂崇偉) or Sharine Lee: .