Accomodation of Chatswood Public School on CHS Campus

The Northern Sydney District Council of P&C Associations has been working for some time now to bring to the attention of the DEC and the State Government the increased number of students in lower North Shore schools. These schools include both Chatswood Public School and Chatswood High School.

At the same time, John Burgess (CPS P&C President), Tim Dodds (Principal), Su Hill, Robert Cen (Community Representative) have been working with DEC on an option to provide new classrooms for the Chatswood Public School. Please note that this option is being developed for future planning purposes only at this stage.


The option proposed to expand Chatswood Public School Campus is to provide a primary educational precinct using demountable classrooms temporarily located on the Chatswood High School site on the areas to the north and east of the sports oval. This is affectionately being referred to as the "Bush Campus" as it is located amongst the trees. Sue Low, Justin Hong, Brooke Keevers (CHS P&C) and Debra Talbot (CHS P&C) have attended the first of these planning meetings chaired by Suzanne Clarke-Nash (DEC Regional Asset Planner) to discuss the option and to represent the interests of Chatswood High School's community.

The temporary accommodation would involve 12 classrooms, administration block, a special programs room, toilets, covered outdoor learning area and play areas. It would house two grades (up to 12 classes) and be supervised by a Deputy Principal and Assistant Principal. Administration staff would also be on site, as would a fulltime Teachers' aide. Students at the "Bush Campus" and main campus would be close in proximity. The entry point would be on Centennial Ave via (new) stairs at the beginning of the High School Boundary. The provision of Kiss and Drop zones on Centennial Ave is being investigated to assist parents. The diagram on the next page gives some idea of the proposed layout.

The State government has allocated funding for this project in the State budget 2013. Discussions are ongoing.