Critical Capacity Issues Update

See the P&C News page for some background information on this issue.

Help needed: demographers or similar experts

Regional P&C are looking for demographers or similar experts who would like to assist with reviewing demographic info? Good demographic modelling is necessary for good planning.

Progress so far

  1. We have had another major outcome...the State Govt released the revised Sydney Metro Strategy this week, and Schools have now been included as 'essential infrastructure'.
  2. A 15min dvd update on our issue was presented at a recent meeting of the Primary Principals Association. If you would like to see this it is available on YouTube at the following link:
  3. We have identified a number of State and Federal issues that need to be addressed from our capacity issues
  • The national building regulations need changing to give an exemption for schools installing double storey demountables from having lift and ramp access to the second storey and large rain water tanks.
  • The massive increase in students in our local schools has put enormous pressure on Out of School Hours Care services ('OOSH')
  • Currently philanthropic donations to Public schools are not tax deductable, other than if individual schools set up building funds or library funds, whereas private schools are able to set up funds to facilitate tax deductable donations (SMH article by Verity Firth 'Let Public as well as private schools benefit from donations' 2/3/2012)