School Development Update

Construction of Building R (between the oval and Centennial Ave) is expected to commence in October 2020.

The State Significant Application for the School re-development has been lodged. The planned deadline for submissions regarding the project was end April, but late submissions may be accepted over the next week or so. Parents can contact the P&C () for the appropriate email contact for any late comments.

For details on the project, see the NSW School Infrastructure website


Uniform Shop update

The uniform shop will now be open on Thursdays 8am - 11:15 from 14 May. The online shop is also open.


Jocelyn Brewer - Digital Nutrition - Monday 10 Feb 2020

Jocelyn Brewer Digital Nutrition

Understanding your teens & untangling them from technology:

Practical (and positive) strategies for parents


Jocelyn will be presenting at Chatswood High School on Monday 10 Feb 2020 from 5:30 in the school hall.

In this dynamic 60-minute seminar psychologist, Jocelyn Brewer, will help parents and carers understand aspects of teenage behaviour and development. She will also help understand their use of technology, app and video game design that prove to be so seductive (and perhaps even ‘addictive’) to young people and their still developing brains.

Her fear-free, practical approach will help parents build skills to communicate with their teens, implement boundaries and consequences for behaviours (both online and off) and assist young people to identify and manage their emotions, time and choices.

She will explore the ways young people use technology, some of the features of tech design that makes it so alluring and hard to put down, and the impacts on young people’s wellbeing.

Jocelyn will introduce her concept of Digital Nutrition™ as a positive framework for shaping healthy tech habits and a diverse digital diet, as well as how to apply the 3M’s (mindful, meaningful and moderate) to online activities.

Jocelyn Brewer Pic

About Jocelyn:

Jocelyn is a Sydney-based psychologist with 16 years’ experience in public schools as both a teacher and counsellor.

She has been studying the impacts of technology use for a decade and is part of Australia's first formal cyber-psychology research group at the University of Sydney where is completing Masters research on the relationship between parenting styles and young people's smartphone habits.

Jocelyn created Digital Nutrition™ in 2013 as a positive framework for addressing digital wellbeing issues and preventing technology addictions.

Jocelyn will provide practical strategies for parenting in the digital age and answer any questions you might have about video games, social media and digital cultures.

More information:

Talking Drugs and Alcohol with Paul Dillon - 22 Oct

Cammeraygal High School has invited us to their session with Paul Dillon on Tuesday 22 October from 6 - 7:30pm at their Senior Campus, 149 West St Crows Nest.

Tickets are $10 and bookings can be made at

Chatswood Education Precinct Update & Info Nights

School Infrastructure NSW has issued a project update on the Chatswood Education Precinct.

The revised masterplan includes the following

  • removal of the split of the High School and retains all of the High School on the current site
  • the High School hall and annex will remain during construction
  • a new multipurpose hall with fixed stage will be constructed
  • several new multi-storey learning spaces including a canteen will replace the buildings currently surrounding the quad and the old admin block
  • a new multi-storey building between the oval and Centennial Ave
  • the IEC will move to St Ives High School  
  • retains Chatswood Primary school on its current site, with 2 new multi-storey buildings to replace existing non-heritage buildings

Information sessions regarding this latest update will be held on 

  • Wednesday 16 October 5-7pm at Chatswood High School
  • Thursday 17 October 5-7pm at Chatswood Public School
  • Saturday 19 October 11am-1pm at Chatswood High School


RSL Grant presentation

Chatswood High School P&C was successful in being awarded a grant from Chatswood RSL for $21,300 to be spent on Well Being sessions over the next year. Thank you to Chatswood RSL.


Uniform shop update, Sep 2019

The Uniform shop is run by the P & C to help keep the cost of uniforms to a minimum and also contribute a small amount of money back to the school community. Your support helps fund the many school initiatives supported by the P&C.

CHS students are encouraged to wear the (optional) winter uniform in terms 2 and 3. For boys this is a change to long trousers. For girls the options of tights with summer dress/skirt or navy trousers. Winter tunics and shirts are also available for junior girls.

Opening hours for the remainder of this term are Thursday 8 am to 11.15.

Online ordering is the quickest and easiest way to order your uniforms: The most up to date items that are currently NOT available can also be found here. If you place an order after Thursday it will not be processed to pick up until the following Thursday. Pick up available in the shop on a Thursday or collected any other time from the school office.

We also have a large range of good quality second hand uniforms available. Pop into the shop on a Thursday morning. Please remember the Uniform shop is only open on Thursday. 

Have a few spare hours on a Tuesday or Thursday morning once or twice a term? We would love to see you at the Uniform shop. We are a very friendly bunch run by our wonderful manager Sharine. Volunteering is a great way to meet some other school parents. Please email Sharine at

CHS P&C Uniform shop committee.

Respectful Relationships Parent Seminar - 5 August

For the past three years the P&C have funded Vanessa Hamilton to run workshops with Year 9 students around respectful relationships. The student workshops will be happening on the 5th and 6th of August and run for 1h 30mins. 

Vanessa will also run a parent session on Monday 5th August at 7pm in the Learning Space - please see attached flyer for more details, and RSVP by booking a free ticket at

Parents have found these workshops very useful in previous years.

Chatswood Education Precinct

The information night held at Chatswood High School on 30 May was well represented by parents and students. The information slides displayed at the information night are available on the NSW Education Department - School Infrastructure website and show building footprint plans for the new Primary School and Middle School (yr 7-9) on the current High School site, and the Senior School (yr 10-12) on the current Primary School site.

Many questions were raised by attendees about the facilities that will be provided during building works AND the design of the proposed new buildings

The building designs are currently in progress. The SSDA (State Significant Development Application) is due to be released in the coming months.

We are concerned

  • that we have limited knowledge of the current plans, and that there will be little or no time to change anything once the SSDA is released
  • that the EFSG (Educational Facilities Standards and Guidelines) has been a restriction on the design team
  • about the staging of the development - particularly for HSC exams, the music program and anything else that requires the use of the hall
  • the proposed multi-purpose hall with no permanent stage will be a significant downgrade from our current facilities
  • about the future of the Music Studio (hall annex), organised by and partially paid by the P&C
  • about the proposed play spaces for the high school students
  • the proposed canteen and uniform shop spaces


 What can you do?

Please add your voice so that the best outcomes can be acheived. The more emails/letters received on a particular issue, the more likely it is that these concerns will be addressed. 

  • email comments and feedback to 
  • sign the Music Program Petition


Anxiety & Depression in our Teenagers

BlackDogInstituteAt the May P&C meeting, a volunteer from the Black Dog Institute spoke to the meeting about teenage mental health and how we can support our teenagers and spot the early warning signs. 

Information sheets are available on the Parent Resource page of this website.