Meeting Summaries

P&C Meeting Summaries

February 2015 P&C Meeting Summary

  • The oval rehabilitation project has been delayed due to the increase in the estimated cost 
  • Preparations for the Lunar New Year celebration are going well
  • Uniform shop sales are up from this time last year
  • New appointments to the positions of Treasurer and Fundraising Convenor were confirmed
  • The annual membership fee was set at $2. (This payment is not required if members pay a contribution to the P&C General Fund via their fees.)
  • The door between the hall and the hall annex needs sound proofing. Quotes are being sought
  • A survey of the school uniform has begun
  • The Chinese Parent Network has been established, using the online WeChat platform. Volunteers are being sought for a similar Japanese and Korean network
  • The Outdoor Learning Space under K block was completed in December
  • Agreement to fund the installation of acoustic door between hall and hall annex to the value of $15,000