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P&C Meeting Summaries

August 2014 P&C Meeting Summary

The P&C Term 3 General Meeting was held on August 13th. The Relieving Principal, Justin Hong, addressed the audience on development of the school's strategic plan for the next 3 years. Deputy Principal Tony Gahan discussed influences on 21st century learning and Deputy Principal Den Milencovic reported on the findings from recent surveys.

Acknowledging parent contributions to the P&C Assn's General Fund, the President remarked on the low level of contribution (about 30 percent on previous years), which appeared related to delayed invoicing of School Fees due in turn to problems with the State-wide rollout of the new DEC Financial Management System. If there are parents wanting to make a contribution to the P&C Assn, and haven't done so already, your contribution would be most welcome. Parent contributions are channelled into vital improvements to our children's learning environment.

The Building Sub-committee has begun researching the refurbishment of the Quadrangle project and options for the use of the old administration block. The work on the Outdoor Learning Space is about to begin. The SRC is scoping an extension of the Bubbler & Water Filling Stations and the Recycling Scheme. 

A Fundraising Sub-committee is finally taking shape after a slow start and many exiting events are at planning stage. The first of these events took place last Saturday in the form of a successful "Outburst" Disco for Yrs 7-9, enjoyed by students and parents alike. For more information or to register your interest to become part of the Fundraising team, please contact Swantje Lorrimer .

The application for an RSL Grant lodged in May was successful with $11 000 being awarded to CHS P&C Assn. This Grant will fund the High Resolves Program. Many thanks to Deb Talbot who prepared the application with very short notice.

A CHS Alumni is being developed in close consultation with the School and first admissions to the Alumni will commence with this year's Year 12 students. We are looking forward to welcoming all former CHS students to the Alumni. Registration at