Meeting Summaries

P&C Meeting Summaries

May 2014 P&C Meeting Summary

Here is a summary of the P&C meeting held on 13 May 2014.

  1. The Association Rules posted on the P&C website were amended to delete Rule 5 and were accepted.
  2. The Uniform Policy dated 10 April 2014 Version 5 was adopted as the current working document for the Uniform Shop.
  3. Relieving Principal, Justin Hong, acknowledged and thanked the P&C for its work including its financial contribution to the hall extension and its work with the attendance register.
  4. The Fundraising Convenor position remains vacant, however, a team of volunteers has begun to plan a Trivia Night. If anyone is interested in the role of Fundraising Convenor, please contact the President, Peter Hayes. You will be well supported.
  5. The Duke of Edinburgh program needs a CHS teacher to be involved if it is to continue. Mr Hong supports the Program and will make enquiries with the teachers.
  6. A project cap of $70,000 was approved for the Outdoor Learning Centre and the proposal for landscaping from Gardenmakers in the total of $65,000 was accepted.
  7. The P&C will provide Year 12 Parent Network Coordinators with a loan of $2,000 to cover the venue down payment for the Year 12 Formal on 13 November 2014.
  8. The P&C will contribute up to $600 (quote is being finalised) to cover the cost of a gift for the departing Year 12 students.

The next P&C meeting will be on Tuesday 12 August at 7.30 pm in the Learning Centre. Come and get involved and help make a difference to your child's education!