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P&C Meeting Summaries

November 2013 P&C AGM & General Meeting Summary

President's report for 2013

The Chatswood High School Parents and Citizens Association is a vibrant, active and enthusiastic parent body who work hard to provide positive support to the teachers and students of Chatswood High School. I would like to thank the dedicated and hardworking executive team for the many hours they have spent researching and collecting information, drafting documents, attending meetings and contributing their time and energy to ensure the smooth function of all the many and varied activities that CHS P&C is involved with. Thank you Karen Herbert, Debra Talbot, Swantje Lorrimer Charlene Chen and Ferdinand Abenales. A special thank you to Ferdinand Abenales and Jackie Bennett our uniform shop convenor who have been involved with the P&C over many years and are now leaving the school community.

The P&C have continued to provide significant financial support to the students of Chatswood High School. In 2013 we contributed over $60 000 directly to the school and its students to fund programs for teaching and learning. Money has gone to continued welfare programs and $45 000 into supporting the technological upgrades to interactive whiteboards in all classrooms. The P&C were successful in receiving a joint funding partnership grant with the Department of Education for $115 000 to complete a new extension to the hall. This space will provide much needed rehearsal space for dance, drama and music and provide an open teaching space during the school day. The facility will cost $300 000 and will be available for use early in 2014. The P&C are well on the way to beginning work on the $50 000 undercroft area upgrade, thank you to Andrew Hackett for his work on this thus far. We are hoping to have this area complete early in 2014. Our strategic plan for 2014 has been developed and will provide over $100 000 of resources and facilities, including a new digital arts lab, sports equipment and a new keyboard lab to the students of Chatswood High.

Thank you to Karen Herbert for her role as convenor of the Canteen Committee. The canteen continues to flourish thanks to Maureen Chaffey and her team of workers and parent volunteers. The canteen has made a good profit this year and with our forward planning we hope to build significantly on this in 2014. Our uniform shop has upgraded their financial processes with a new computer system. They are working on developing a three year business plan to move the uniform shop to an online shop facility in 2014. Thanks must go to Jackie Bennett for the last three years of work with the uniform shop. Thank you to Sharine Ly and all her volunteers who give up many hours to provide service to the Chatswood school community. Thank you to Camille Funnell and the many parent network parents who ensure communication channels are open and source volunteers for all the dynamic activities that are part of daily life at CHS, thank you for your continued support behind the scenes which is invaluable in assisting the P&C and all the students of CHS. Our locker programme has gone from strength to strength with our locker coordinator Krystyna Zabkiewicz managing this incredibly well.

Early in 2013 the P&C sold Marnie our rural property in Rylestone. These funds will be reinvested back into the school for programs to benefit all students. In July Amanda Parry stepped up to coordinate our Trivia night for 2013. Thank you Amanda, the event raised over $8500 and brought the parents and teachers together for a fun night of entertainment whilst supporting the children of Chatswood High.

After a lapse of some years the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is up and running again with Joshua Mann as the school-based Award Coordinator and Debra Talbot as the CHSP&C parent Assistant Award Coordinator. 53 students have enrolled for D of E, of these 38 students have activated their On-line Record Book and 17 have begun entering their activities and hours towards various sections of the Award. The P&C was successful in obtaining a grant from the Chatswood RSL Club through the ClubGrants initiative for $11 400 to support student participation in D of E activities.

Finally I would like to thank all the parents of the P&C who have supported me in my role as P&C President over the past two and a half years. I have found great fulfillment working with such an enthusiastic and committed parent body who work hard to support the teaching and learning for of all the students at Chatswood High. On behalf of the P&C I would like to extend our thanks to the Principal Ms Sue Low, the teachers and administration staff for working with us this year to provide the best opportunities for all our children. Your dedication and care is what makes CHS such a wonderful public school for our children to be part of.

 I would like to thank the parents who have supported me in my role as P&C president of CHS over the past three years. Thank you in particular to the two vice presidents Deb Talbot and Karen Herbert. Both have been the strength behind the face of the P&C. 

Deb Talbot has been responsible for moving the P&C into the 21st century through setting up systems to move all our documentation to an electronic archiving system and electronicp rocedures for running meetings. She has also worked closely with the IEC to build parent communication networks. She has worked tirelessly to assist the P&C by writing grant applications, protocols for P&C procedures and she was instrumental in getting the Duke of Edinburgh program running again. Finally, she has worked behind the scenes with Jackie Bennett to create a three year business plan for our uniform shop.

Karen Herbert has taken on a dual role over the past twelve months in her role with the canteen. She has had responsibility for managing staff, OH&S issues and overseeing the canteen committee. 

Thank you to Swantje Lorrimer for continuing to support the P&C through her role as Secretary and maintaining accurate records. Ferdi Abenales is leaving our parent community after three years as our treasurer. We thank Ferdi for his contribution to moving all our financial records to an electronic bookkeeping system. Charlene Chen will continue in her role of executive providing ongoing support to the P&C into 2014.

Jackie Bennett has also finished in her role of uniform shop convenor. Camille Funnell has coordinated the parent network over the past two years to ensure that volunteers are sourced when needed and open lines of communication are kept open. Thank you to these dynamic and vibrant parents, the P&C has moved from strength to strength over the past three years and this is a direct result of the influence of these parents. Their hard work and dedication to Chatswood High School has been inspiring.

Brooke Keevers P&C President 2013

New office bearers were voted in:

  • President: Peter Hayes
  • Vice Presidents: Swantje Lorrimer, Elaine Kerrison
  • Treasurer: Geraldine Mack
  • Secretary: Amanda Perry
  • Uniform Shop Convenor: Deb Talbot
  • Canteen Convenor: Karen Herbert 
  • Parent Network Convenor: Brooke Keevers
  • Duke of Ed Parent volunteer co-ordinator: Deb Talbot
  • Web master: Jane Stergio
  • Locker Co-ordinator: Krystyna Zabkiewicz

Positions still vacant:

  • Fundraising Convenor
  • WHS Officer