Meeting Summaries

P&C Meeting Summaries

August 2013 P&C Meeting Summary

  • Success in securing a $11,400 ClubGrants grant from Chatswood RSL twoards the CHS Duke of Ed Scheme. Thanks to Deb Talbot for vision, time and elbow grease.
  • CHS oval refurbishment process to continue as DEC has approved the process
  • P&C to pay cost of art show catering
  • Amended version of the strategic plan for 2014 was accepted and see how you might like to be involved with future P&C plans
  • Uniform prices to be increased as set by the uniform shop committee
  • Funding for up to $60 000 towards the landscaping of the outdoor learning space was approved. We are hoping this project will be completed for the new school year in 2014
  • P&C approved the reservation of a $28 000 contingency on the total cost of the hall extension project, this project has commenced we are hopeful the project will be complete to start 2014!
  • 12 new lockers have been installed, thank you Krystyna for organising that!
  • Duke of Edinburgh: slow start and a lot of paperwork has been processed, some students are starting bush regeneration at the high school this week for their volunteering if you would like to get involved we would love to see you there
  • Female toilets in poor state – Sue Low will attend to this
  • P&C is looking for any parents who would like to be involved with the formation of a business plan for the uniform shop and canteen. If you would like to be involved with this please contact Brooke Keevers