Meeting Summaries

P&C Meeting Summaries

April 2013 P&C Meeting Summary

Items discussed at the meeting include

  • Meeting frequency - the majority membership voted to keep to 1 meeting per term, with the AGM as a separate meeting in term 4. Click here for meeting dates.
  • The vote about whether to continue with the hall extension project was deferred until the June meeting to give time to see if the DEC joint funding comes in. During this time the plans can be finalised.
  • Rotary Paul Harris Awards will be presented to Pru Thomson and Murray Williams for the outstanding efforts teaching in the support unit over many years.
  • The Duke of Edinburgh Award was discussed, with the intention to restart the program within the school. P&C members were keen to support the program. The outdoor component can be outsourced.
  • What is the desired future direction of guest speakers at P&C meetings? Suggestions of topics are welcome.
  • RSL grant criteria has changed - some discussion occurred as to what projects we have that would fit the criteria
  • The draft finance model as trialled in 2011-12 was accepted for the future
  • The P&C advertised for canteen volunteers. Response was very low, so a new paid staff will be recruited.
  • The uniform shop will trial a point of sale and inventory system.
  • The sale of Entertainment books will be co-ordinated by Alice Zhang.

President Brooke Keevers updated the membership on the progress of Regional P&C, in particular the overcrowding issues in lower North Shore schools - see more here. This video on YouTube explains a lot of what is going on.

Acting principal Justin Hong reported to the meeting

  • Timetabling will change from term 2 due to a number of staff changes
  • A new portable science lab and art room have arrived
  • Subject selection evenings for year 10 will be in week 5
  • Cafe Chatty has been successful, providing Barista training and work experience to year 10+ students and coffee for teachers
  • The student leadership team are pursuing environmental programs within the school
  • High Resolves students are about to undertake a homelessness project
  • A trip to China is being planned

At the next meeting on 11 June, time will be set aside to discuss the wishlist for the future.