March 2013 P&C Meeting Summary

The P&C was pleased to welcome a big group of new members!

P&C President Brooke Keevers highlighted some of the achievements of the last 4 years:

  • Successful RSL Grants for a senior learning space, technology and refurbishing the hall kitchen over $100 000 in projects in the past 4 years.
  • Funded High Resolves Social Justice programme for 5 years
  • Funded Leadership and student welfare programs including training of teachers for Rock and Water
  • Upgrading of technology over $170 000 in the past 4 years.
  • Technological attendance monitoring software system and ipads $43 500
  • Fundraising in the past 2 years of $40 000.
  • Continuing to provide excellent service through the uniform shop, canteen and Parent Network
  • Initiated and increased a locker hire scheme for Year 7 students $8 000.
  • Refurbished the uniform shop $15 000
  • Financial support for elite students
  • Community Building Partnership Grant $70 000


Items discussed during the meeting included:

  • The capacity issues (overcrowding of schools at the Lower North Shore) were raised at the Willoughby Council meeting on Feb 25th, the mayor supports the urgent action on this matter.
  • The sale of Marnie has been settled on March 6th
  • Plans for the Outdoor Learning space were shared and discussed, with a site inspection.
  • The proposed extension to the hall was discussed - please note that there will be an important vote on this project at the next meeting. We have partial funding for this project however other promised funding has not yet been confirmed and the P&C will have to decide whether CHS P&C is willing to put extra funding into this project or abandon the project altogether.
  • Willoughby Council's plans to upgrade CHS's recreational facilities were discussed
  • The P&C is still looking for canteen and fundraising conveners. Both committees have a group of dedicated volunteers to support this role, but we are seeking a facilitator/ convener for both committees.

At the next meeting in the Learning Space on Tuesday April 9th at 7.30, points of discussion will include

  • a review of the P&C finance model
  • Learning Space building project
  • Hall extension building project - note: important vote
  • Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme
  • inviting guest speakers to the P&C meetings
  • meeting frequencies

Please note that only P&C members who paid their $1 membership at the previous meeting (March 5th) are eligible to vote but all contributions to discussion will be welcomed.