Meeting Summaries

P&C Meeting Summaries

November 2012 P&C AGM Meeting Summary

Highlights of the Year

  • Special thank you to
    • Barbara Bice for her involvement with all the P&C sub committees over many years
    • Janet Donelly for her efforts with Trivia nights and building relationships with local businesses who support the school
    • Deb Cameron for her role as canteen convenor over the last few years
    • all helpers & staff - uniform shop, canteen, parent network
    • Ms Low, teachers and admin staff for working with us to provide the best opportunities for all our children
  • The website has become an integral tool for communication with parents and members
  • Uniform shop refurbishment
  • P&C invested $100 000 to stock the uniform shop with new uniforms
  • "A night at the Olympics" Trivia night raised $20 000 to support the school
  • $50 000 donated to the school for interactive whiteboards
  • $15 000 donated to the school for welfare programs
  • Extra lockers were purchase for use by year 7 students
  • In October, P&C voted to sell the Marnie property
  • P&C was successful in receiving a Building grant for $70 000 for an extension to the school hall. P&C has applied for a joint funding grant from the DEC to assist with funding shortfall.
  • Involvement with regional P&C who are currently taking action to alleviate overcrowding in lower North Shore schools
  • Plans and designs for an outdoor learning space

P&C Executive Positions for 2013

  • President: Brooke Keevers
  • Treasurer: Ferdinand Abenales
  • Vice President: Karen Herbert
  • Vice President: Deb Talbot
  • Secretary: Swantje Lorrimer

There is room for a number of non office holding members to be on the executive committee.

Other Positions filled for 2013

  • Uniform Shop Convenor: Jackie Bennett
  • Parent Network Co-ordinator: Camille Funnell
  • Webmaster: Jane Stergio
  • Locker Program Co-ordinator: Krystyna Sabkiewicz
  • OH & S Office: Steve Harris

A number of positions remain vacant:

  • Canteen Committee Convenor
  • Fundraising Co-ordinator

The most critical vacant position is the Canteen Committee Convenor. The CHS canteen provides services to over 1000 students and teachers in the school and must have a P&C committee to oversee its operations. There is a functioning committee, but it needs a convenor. Responsibilities are

  • convene canteen committee meetings once per term to
    • maintain canteen policies
    • liase with volunteers and employees
    • work with the canteen manager to prepare and present reports
  • liase with P&C and CHS Principal as needed

If you are interested in any of the vacant positions, please email the president to find out more.