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P&C Meeting Summaries

June 2012 P&C Meeting Summary

Rotary Quiet Achiever Awards

Congratulations to Maureen and Keith Chaffey-Canteen, Jackie Bennett, Sharine Ly, Po Yu Cheng-Uniform Shop on their receipt of Rotary Quiet Achiever Awards presented at a Rotary dinner in their honour on 18 June 2012.

Special Guest @ 7pm: Christine Smith

High Resolves - Our world Our choice

Christine thanked the P&C for providing the financial support for High Resolves and outlined the goals and benefits of the program.

High Resolves is a 3 year global citizenship & leadership program designed to motivate students to lead their communities and the world to a brighter future. All Yr 8 students participate in 2 days of activities concerned with 'collective identity' examining questions such as 'Why do some people in the world have limited opportunities due to where they are born?' Half of the current Yr 8 cohort will begin this year's program on Wednesday 13 June and the other half on Thursday 14.

Following the second day of activities for Yr 8 students they are given the choice to opt in or not to the Yr 9 program through an application process.

The Yr 9 program includes conflict resolution, collective action and a school action project. Students develop a project to initiate change within their school surroundings eg: better communications, recycling. They participate in one whole day of activities and then short sessions (total of about 20 hours for the year).

The Yr 10 program takes the form of a community action project (approx 20 hours). This year's Yr 10 is the first group at CHS to go all the way through the High Resolves program. They are currently finalizing plans for their community action projects.

"Our students have the passion to make a change to their world – this program gives them the skills to do something about it." Christine Smith.

At the general meeting of P&C

  • Justin Hong provided an update on progress with the new SENTRAL attendance system and the roll-out of 30 new ipads for use with the system. He also outlined the process for the development of a uniform policy to support the wearing of the new school uniform when it becomes compulsory.
  • Brooke Keevers thanked Rob Thompson for his hard work over several years on the Building Committee and also as convener of the Marnie Committee. Kate Morris was voted in as the new Marnie convener.
  • Brooke provided a comprehensive update on progress with the P&C 2012 Strategic Plan