Meeting Summaries

P&C Meeting Summaries

October 2011 P&C Meeting Summary

Our Special Guest @ 7pm for October was Ms Kate Thompson, Head Teacher-Teaching and Learning whose presentation about quality learning tasks for students and current professional learning initiatives for teachers at CHS was very well received. Thank you Kate, for making time for us when you also have the additional demands of HSC marking.

A new feature, The Wishlist, has been added to the P&C website. The Wishlist has been compiled by Head Teachers at CHS and, as the name implies, is a list of items they believe would enhance student learning opportunities but are unable to afford to purchase with limited departmental budgets. If you or someone you know are looking for a way to target your financial support for student learning then take a look at The Wishlist.

At the October meeting of Chatswood High School P&C

  • The P&C will apply for a grant to fund extensions to the Hall through the NSW Government Community Building Partnership Grants. The fundraising committee will coordinate gathering information and applying for further grants as they become available.
  • A new Finance Model was tabled and accepted. The new model describes how the P&C will fund agreed initiatives at CHS. To see the model click here.
  • The P&C agreed to support a Semester2, 2011 funding plan for an additional expenditure of $58 015.45. For details of how this money is to be spent see the Semester Funding Plan.

At the November P&C AGM all office bearing and sub-committee convener positions will be declared open for nomination and voting for 2012. The current P&C executive are also seeking to extend the executive with the addition of up to six non-office bearing positions. For information about these positions see the Office Holders Responsibilities. If you have any further questions please contact a current member of the P&C executive, email addresses can be found on the Office Holders page.