Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2017

The P&C raises the bulk of its funds through voluntary parent contributions to the P&C General and Building Funds. The P&C works closely with the school towards building a stronger school community where all children benefit.
P&C Contributions are vital to ensure key programs, equipment and initiatives are maintained. The more contributions that are received, the more opportunities we have to invest in our children's development and education.

Suggested contributions are

  • Building Fund $150 (tax deductible)

The CHS P&C Building Fund is approved by the ATO for tax deductibility of donations credited to the fund. The associated Deductible Gift Recipient status (DGR) dates from 1 July 2002. If you have made the contribution to the Chatswood High School Parents and Citizens' Association Building Fund you are able to claim the payment as a charitable donation deduction in your personal income tax return. For more information about charitable donations see the ATO's web site FAQ. "Where donors are not issued with receipts, other statements and records can be used to help in the preparation of their tax return." Donations to the CHS P&C Building Fund are included with school fee payments and will appear on the receipt given by the school. A specific receipt from the P&C is not required.

  • General Fund $70

Donations to the P&C General Fund are not tax deductible.
Although the Association is registered with the ACNC, the registration isn’t clear about the distinction in deductibility of the two funds.

Parent contributions are collected with payment of school fees.

The P&C would also appreciate any other help you may be able to give - please fill in the Get Involved form if you haven't already.

The strategic plan and budget for 2017 was adopted at the P&C Meeting on 13th December 2016. The Annual Budget elements can be divided into three groups as shown below:


Building & Infrastructure Projects

Refurbishment of quadrangle, covered spaces and demolition of old admin block
  • Shade sails were installed in early 2016. New furniture will be added and mature trees planted to add more shade. CBP Grant of $31 104 along with at least $38 000 from the P&C building fund.

 Term 1, 2017

Oval Redevelopment
  • Willoughby Council will begin the project 4th quarter 2016. 
 End Term 1, 2017
Front of school upgrade
  • Extend upgrade of the front of school to match fencing and plantings of DEC funded upgrade of school entry
Hall Ventilation
  • Investigate ways in which the school hall can be naturally cooled $10,000


Student Welfare Programs

Merit Award System
  • $2000pa
High Resolves
  • The program costs approx $18,000pa and is partially funded via RSL Club Grant of $15,000
SRC Leadership Camp
  • $3000
National Leadership Conference
  • $500 
Bursary for Students
  • $5000
All year
Well-Being Seminars
  •  $10,000 Workshop series aimed at helping students, parents and staff. Topics include Sleep for Health, Respectful Relationships and Internet & Gaming Addiction
One per term
Duke of Ed
  • Employment costs for a casual teacher and equipment costs $26,600
starting March


Teaching and Learning Programs

Material Universal Testing Machine and Hardness Testing Machine   $25 000  2017
Elevate Study Skills
  • Study Skills presentation for year 11 and 12 $3500