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Respectful Relationships - Parent Resources

Vanessa Hamilton (founder of presented a well-received session to parents in learning Centre on June 15. This was followed up with 2 sessions to year 9 students on the following day - positive feedback has been received from the school and families for these sessions.

Vanessa provided a resource sheet with useful links, tips for conversations about sexuality with your children and some questions to ask yourself.

You may like to read an interesting article Does Jealousy equal Love? from the Sydney Morning Herald on 27 February which highlights the need for better education about relationships for our young people.

Well Being Sessions - Internet Usage

Thank you to Dr Phillip Tam for presenting at the parent session on Monday 29 May 2017 - How to Identify and Prevent Problem Internet Usage.

Here are some resources from the session that may be helpful:


Barefoot Bowls

Our first social event “Welcome to 2017” was held on Friday 31 March. We enjoyed a fun night of Barefoot bowls and BBQ at Willoughby Park Bowling Club with our Principal, David Osland, some of our wonderful CHS teachers and over 70 parents and students from a variety of year groups.


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Sleep for Health

On Feb 28th, our first well-being seminar for 2017 saw Dr Carmel Harrington present on “Sleep: the vital ingredient success to improve academic and sporting performance and health”.

Three separate sessions were run for our year 11 and 12 students, teachers, and parents & families. It was great to see over 100 parents attend the evening session.

2 handouts were available at the meeting and Carmel left us with a summary of the data she presented:

World Teachers Day Morning Tea 2015


On Tuesday 20 October the P&C hosted a morning tea for the teaching staff at Chatswood High School. Parents were also invited to come and show their appreciation of our wonderful and committed teaching staff.

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Lunar New Year Celebration 2015


Well; we did it! This event has witnessed a level of Team Spirit and Community not previously seen at CHS.

There are so many people that I want to thank. Firstly, Michael Spence for lending us the Portable 8 Kitchen and Anna Zhong for getting the stunning Lanterns from China during her recent holiday. Also Swantje Lorrimer, Peter Hayes (P&C) and Wei Leu (呂崇偉) (Head Teacher LOTE) who guided me on the policy, enabling access and necessary clearances for the event to happen. The amazing Poster designed by Sue Ward and her Team. The printing and laminations by Amanda Clifford and her Library Team. The Chinese activities and games were set up by Wei Leu and Ling Lin (IEC teacher) and were enjoyed by many students.

image2Most of all, are the 65 amazing Parent Volunteers who put in an outstanding effort. Some parents even took leave from their workplace. Some arose very early, preparing food, cooking transporting equipment and setting up food stalls. They worked tirelessly in the hot sunny and humid conditions; cooking and serving with smiles on their faces. Thank you for making this event a success. 

Thank you Captains, Leaders and SRC Students for your many extra hands..... you were fantastic! Assisting us taking and setting the tables, BBQ stoves, drinks and hanging the Lanterns.

A BIG Thank You also to those parents who donated cakes or sweets for the International Sweets Stall and the Achacha Fruit Holdings for donating the delicious Achacha fruit.

Another Thank you to Mr Chaffey and Alfonso for their help with setting up, putting away and generally helping us keep the school ground clean.


Sharine Ly


More photos can be see in the Photo Albums and more videos will be posted when technical problems with loading them are solved. :)


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Lunar New Year Videos

The finale:

World Teachers Day 2014

WTD2014WTD2014-cakeThe P&C hosted a morning tea for World Teachers Day, celebrated on Friday 31 October in Australia. The morning tea was catered by our wonderful canteen staff with the help of a few parent volunteers. It is a time when we show our appreciation of the efforts the teachers go to for our students.

The teachers were very appreciative and thankful for the morning tea.

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Outburst Winter Dance 2014

OutburstDanceFloor3OutburstWinterDanceOutburst, the winter dance for years 7-9 was held on Saturday 14 August. Much fun was had by all. In the words of a student : "it was really, really good".

The dance floor had nearly 100 students from Chatswood High School and Chatswood Intensive English Centre, dancing to the latest hits with sound activated laser lights illuminated by the smoke machine. Tables and chairs were set up for those who needed a rest, and yummy lollies and chocolates were on sale to keep the sugar levels up.

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World Teachers Day 2013


The P&C hosted a morning tea to show our appreciation to Chatswood High School teachers on Friday 25 October 2013.

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Trivia Night Oct 2013

RockingRoadiesThe event was held at the school hall on Saturday evening 26th October. 110 people attended with a good pool of donations collected from businesses, school families and friends valued at over $11,000. Many people dressed up with tables having different themes such as Tin Pan Alley, the Roadies and Blackbeard. After costs are taken into account the amount raised will be almost $9,000. 

TriviaTablesThe Fundraising Committee comprised year 7, 9, 10 and 11 parents - Amanda Perry, Lillian Camphausen, Sharine Lee, Hayley Hummerston, Camille Funnell, Siew-Geck Phua, Brooke Keevers and Deb Noble. Thank you for all your hard work.